Alphabet Picture Book

Alphabet Picture Book ID#549
380 грн.
Alphabet Picture Book

Alphabet Picture Book

380 грн.

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Детская книга на английском языке Alphabet Picture Book

This is a warmly illustrated picture book to help young children learn their ABCs. Each page features a simple scene illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet with a central object, animal or person so children can begin to associate sounds with letters. Tabs allow favourite pages to be located quickly and easily, making the book look and feel even more luxurious.

Тема книги буквы, слова
Иллюстратор Rosalinde Bonnet
Издательство Usborne Publishing Ltd
Размер 24,4 х 25,7 см
Возраст 0-3 года, 3-5 лет
Обложка твердая