Floortime Farmyard

Floortime Farmyard ID#887
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Floortime Farmyard

Floortime Farmyard

235 грн.

Категории: Книги на английском Развивалки Акция


Детская книга на английском языке Floortime Farmyard

This wonderful interactive book is perfect for your child to learn all about the fun of the farm! Complete with simple informatove text, bright illustration and a selection of press-out characters to bring the book to life. Open it up for hours of early-years exploring.

Иллюстратор Fhiona Galloway
Издательство Really Decent Books
Размер 27 x 26.5 x 2 см
Возраст 3-5 лет, 5-7 лет
Обложка твердая