How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth

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Детская книга на английском языке How To Wash A Woolly Mammoth

Does your woolly mammoth need a wash? It's not a very easy thing to do...

Find out exactly how to wash your mammoth in this hilarious instruction manual - just remember don't get any soap in its eyes or it might escape up a tree!

A hilarious picture book that young children will love to hear again and again.

Тема книги о дружбе, мальчики, девочки, люди, разные животные, слоники
Автор Michelle Robinson
Иллюстратор Kate Hindley
Издательство Simon and Schuster
Страниц 24
Размер 26 x 26 x 0.3 см
Возраст 0-3 года, 3-5 лет, 5-7 лет
Обложка мягкая