HTML for Babies (Code Babies)

HTML for Babies (Code Babies) ID#616
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Детская книга на английском языке HTML for Babies (Code Babies)

Coding and web-design skills are becoming more and more important in our technological world. These concept books will familiarize young ones with the kind of shapes and colors that make up web-based programming language and give them the head start they need.

ABC, 1 2 3 . . . HTML! Just as kids learn the alphabet or numbers, it’s important for them to learn HTML. This colorful introduction teaches the rudiments of this language—including markup code and letter forms—and helps prepare them for our digital age.

Тема книги наука, слова
Автор Sterling Children's
Издательство Sterling Children's Books
Страниц 16
Возраст 5-7 лет, 7+
Обложка твердая