Lift the Flap Word Book

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Детская книга на английском языке Lift the Flap Word Book

This is a stylish picture word book with flaps to lift to encourage word and picture association. Each themed page has plenty of flaps to lift with the word of an object or animal underneath. Smaller flaps at the bottom show the same word with an accompanying, delicately illustrated picture. The themes include the park, on the farm, at the seaside, noisy words and words at home.

Тема книги цифры, слова
Автор Felicity Brooks and Sam Taplin
Издательство Usborne Publishing Ltd
Страниц 16
Размер 22.3 х 26.8 х 2.5 см
Возраст 0-3 года, 3-5 лет
Обложка твердая