Listen to the Farm

Listen to the Farm ID#922
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Listen to the Farm

Listen to the Farm

275 грн.

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Детская книга на английском языке Listen to the Farm

Adults and children alike will be enchanted by these charming board books which are distinguished by the exceptional quality of the sounds that bring every picture to life. Aimed at the very young, the books have a button on every spread which triggers one of six sounds that introduce a character or object. They're incredibly simple but utterly seductive, purely because the sounds themselves are so beautiful. A delightful and compelling series that everyone in the family will enjoy reading again and again.

Тема книги слова, коровы, козы, овечки, куры, гуси, утята, цыплята, лошадки, поросята
Иллюстратор Marion Billet
Издательство Nosy Crow
Страниц 14
Размер 15 х 15 х 1.2 см
Возраст 0-3 года
Обложка твердая