Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle ID#852
440 грн.
Monkey Puzzle

Monkey Puzzle

440 грн.

Категории: Книги на английском Julia Donaldson


Детская книга на английском языке Monkey Puzzle

Can butterfly help little monkey find his mum? Yes, finally, but only after a lot of trial and error as butterfly misunderstands monkey's descriptions and leads him to all sorts of unsuitable animals. This book presents a very clever, very funny story from the author/illustrator team that brought you "The Gruffalo". It is shortlisted for The Smarties Prize.

Тема книги о любви, обезьянки, разные животные
Автор Julia Donaldson
Иллюстратор Axel Scheffler
Издательство Macmillan
Размер 22.2 х 27.7 х 0.8 см
Возраст 3-5 лет
Обложка твердая