Peppa Pig - Family Computer

Peppa Pig - Family Computer ID#880
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Детская книга на английском языке Peppa Pig - Family Computer

Mummy Pig is working at home on the family computer but Peppa and George want to play Happy Mrs Chicken. Can Daddy Pig come to the rescue to fix the frozen computer? Read more in this charming piggy tale.

Perfect for reading and sharing together, this gorgeous picture book is ideal for exploring first reading experiences with pre-schoolers.

Тема книги поросята, разные животные
Издательство Ladybird books
Страниц 24
Размер 23 x 23 x 0.5 см
Возраст 3-5 лет, 5-7 лет
Обложка мягкая
Вес 100 г