The Night Before Christmas

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Детская книга на английском языке The Night Before Christmas

This glorious publication sees Clement C. Moore's timeless verse brought to life with stunning artwork that is sure to bring visions of sugarplums to everyone's head!

Generations of children have gone to bed on Christmas Eve with the hoof-beats of eight tiny reindeer in their ears and in their minds the vision of Saint Nick with his pipe and beard at the fireplace filling their stockings, as described in the incomparable "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore.

Here is a perfect Christmas remembrance for all members of the family - an ageless poem and pictures that grown-ups and children will treasure always. This magical rhyming story perfectly captivates the true feeling of Christmas.

Тема книги дед мороз, новый год, рождество
Иллюстратор Zdenko Basic, Manuel Šumberac
Издательство Hodder Children's Books
Страниц 32
Обложка мягкая