The Only Lonely Panda

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The Only Lonely Panda

The Only Lonely Panda

359 грн.

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Детская книга на английском языке The Only Lonely Panda

Deep in the dewy forest sits an only, lonely panda bear. "I wish I had a friend," Panda sighs, as playful sifakas and graceful flamingos dance around him. But who's that peeking through the bamboo? And can Panda work out how to be her friend? With stunning illustrations from Jonny Lambert (Little Why, Tiger Tiger, The Great Aaa-Ooo), The Only Lonely Panda is a funny and uplifting celebration of friendship and individuality. Perfect for little ones who are learning to make friends at a new nursery or school!

Тема книги о дружбе, медведи, обезьянки, птицы, разные животные, Лягушата
Автор Jonny Lambert
Издательство Little Tiger Press
Размер 27.4 х 22.9 х 1.1 см
Возраст 3-5 лет, 5-7 лет
Обложка твердая